Don’t hate, appreciate!

May 23, 2020 | Body Positivity

There’s nothing dainty about me. I have a large body, UK size 8EEE feet, a loud belly laugh when I’m amused, a belter of a singing voice, etc. I can’t hide, nor do I wish to!

The approach of summer fills some women with dread because they’re scared to show parts of their body that they hate. For a lot of women, it’s their arms. I used to be like that, only getting my arms out on holiday or when I don’t mind being seen.

Today I looked down at my arms and wasn’t repulsed. I actually lovingly stroked them and laughed out loud as I realised that I accept my large arms, jiggle, creases, dimples and all! They serve me well for carrying heavy loads of shopping, doing dance moves, lifting dumbbells and kettlebells during workouts, raising in worship, and best of all, giving the best hugs!

So how about ditching the self-loathing ladies and be grateful for what your body can do!

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