Hair story

May 17, 2020 | Body Positivity

After having long locs for 13 years, I made the decision to have the ‘big chop’ a few years ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my hair and used to enjoy having it styled, especially in an updo at the hairdressers, but I reached a point where I was longing for a change.

So that I wouldn’t change my mind, I grabbed the nearest scissors at home and just hacked my locs off and unceremoniously dumped them in the bin.  That was where my bravery ended.  I made an appointment to have twist extensions in, rather than have a short afro.  I had all kinds of thoughts now running through my head – what if short hair doesn’t suit my head shape?  What if my face is too fat and round to carry it off? Despite lots of reassurance from my hairdresser, I did not feel ready to face the world with no hair, so an interim hairstyle would have to do. 

I must have built up some courage over the coming weeks because when it was time to take my extensions out, I decided to get it cut really low, plus add some colour!  Another set of questions – could I pull off a bright colour?  Will it look tacky?  My poor, longsuffering hairdresser!  I trusted her so we went for it and I proudly modelled my new plum coloured short haircut.

When I switched to going to a barber for haircuts, I wasn’t prepared for how short he would shave my head.  I cannot describe the horror on my face when he shaved the front off, and I could see my scalp! I nearly cried as I squealed, “I didn’t want it that short!”  I wasn’t reassured by his words “Me will mek it look good sis, no worry!”  I couldn’t bear to look!

And then, it happened…when I finally opened my eyes when he’d finished, I saw my reflection in the mirror and I was shocked, my hair was all gone but I had never felt so beautiful in my entire life!  All my fears about it not suiting me, about my face being too fat, etc, were completely unfounded.  I applied bright lipstick and strutted out of that barbershop with my head held high, checking myself out in shop windows as I walked along.  Instead of feeling the need to hide, I was actually hoping to bump into people so they could see my new look!  Work it, honey, I said to myself.

We sometimes hold back from making significant changes because we fear what other people will think, question if it’s the right move, etc.  Sometimes something beautiful awaits us on the other side of that change. 

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