Finding my tribe

Apr 26, 2020 | Fitness

In a world where the message seems to be ‘slim is in’, it’s easy if you’re plus size to feel out of place and underrepresented. 

When I decided to get fitter, I would often be the largest person at the local swimming baths, in the gym, in fitness classes etc.  This never put me off, but it’s hard to ignore.  I used to wonder where people who look like me were at.

Then one day I discovered Louise Green, author of ‘Big Fit Girl’ and creator of the Big Fit Girl app which I started subscribing to since lockdown.  She’s a disruptor within the fitness industry, creating a movement where people of all shapes and sizes can feel included.  Check her out at  

I joined the Big Fit Girl (BFG) Facebook group and quickly realised that I had found my tribe!  People who are big, who enjoy fitness, who probably have rolls, lumps and bumps, who jiggle when they move – yes, finally I belong!  These women are supportive, encouraging, and affirming.  I’ve found the BFG community to be a place of safety and acceptance.

As I do my 5.30am workouts before getting ready for work each morning, I revel in the sound of my flesh noisily moving, and every bead of sweat reassures me that I’m doing my body good!

Through my life coaching business, I want to create a community where women who are size 16 and above can feel a sense of belonging, and joyfully navigate life.  If this sounds like you, book an initial consultation via my website or call me on 07726222614.