A seat at the table

Mar 15, 2020 | Welcome

This is a typical photo of me doing a silly pose in front of a camera. What few people will know, except those closest to me, is that I hate sitting on chairs that don’t feel sturdy enough for my weight. I find it difficult to be comfortable or be fully present at any function if I’m preoccupied with thoughts of ‘will this chair collapse under me?’. 

I had the confidence to request this beautiful chair at an event, not because I’m a diva, but because it’s what I needed to feel comfortable. The host didn’t make a fuss, but made it easy for me to change my seating. 

I have no problem asking for what I want/need in order to ‘have a seat at the table’. Through the life coaching I provide, I want to help other plus size women like me to have confidence to do the same in this, or other scenarios in which they find themselves. 

  • How confident do you feel to ask for what you need/want?
  • Have you ever avoided situations or events due to a fear of being put in a potentially embarrassing situation?